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TITLE / Author   year published  (# pgs)

First Ten Pages =  x% of total book

First Sentence or two:  “italicized”

Prevailing Narrative Voice:  (POV & Perspective/”who”)

What the reader learns in the first paragraphs:  (blah, blah, blah)

What the reader learns in the first ten pages:  (blah, blah times ten)

Language: (suitable to events, agreeable, high-falutin, too many adjectives, active verbs?)

Setting:  (How soon is reader grounded in location? What is wrong with this picture?)

Character: (Who is it in relation to setting? Do they belong? Right place, wrong time?)

Structure: (Rhythm, Tension, Support the Plot)

Prologue / Thematic Preamble / Freakish elements:

Plot & Expectations beyond the tenth page:

Random Comments:  (Cover art, blurbs? The movie? Wiki facts?)

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